I'm excited to report that a new ring has been added to the website! This ring signifies a great deal to me. It's a cocktail ring with salt and pepper diamonds. I purchased the lozenge-sized center rose cut diamond around three years ago. Given that my focus is now almost entirely on one-of-a-kind items, I keep an eye out for any gemstones that strike my attention. When I see one, I don't usually think about a design; I just want to acquire it before someone else if I have the money to do so. Until now, my favorite piece I designed was the Rose Cut Hexagon Salt & Pepper Diamond Engagement Ring, which was sold over two years ago. You can view the testimonial here.

The new ring, in my opinion, represents a turning point. I had no intention of making a piece with the diamond I purchased all of a sudden, but the Emmys pre-party inspired me to do so. The ring represents the direction I would like my future designs to take, at least in terms of engagement and cocktail rings.

Speaking of the Emmy pre-party, as many of you are aware, the Emmys have been rescheduled because of the strike. Our entire group has decided not to attend. We will instead go in September 2024, when the new slate of nominees and presenters is released.