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Greetings! My name is Ginger Herbein and I'm the creative director at Sincerely Ginger Jewelry. Each piece of jewelry I create I see as a gift from myself to the person who wears it.  It's a feeling unlike any other to know that the jewelry I design will have stories tied to them, and could very well be passed down through generations as heirlooms.  When I'm commissioned for a custom piece, I'm thrilled to get to know my client on a more personal level.  Words can't describe how it feels to see my client stand in amazement at the fact that their dream piece of jewelry has come to life! My adventure into jewelry creation began when I was a child.  I used to be awestruck by the many pieces in my grandmother's jewelry box.  I was given a jewelry-making kit for youngsters around that time.  I placed the various plastic components together and pretended to run my own jewelry business.

When I was older, I decided to become a teacher in Philadelphia.  Everything was different than when I was in school, and I rapidly burnt out.  My teaching career was cut short due to an injury at work.  During this period, I explored jewelry design while resting on the couch for months.  I've always wanted to own a business.  My parents were both entrepreneurs.  During those months at home, I realized that jewelry was my true calling and love. In the months that followed, I enrolled in a class at Philadelphia's University of the Arts.  From there, I taught myself over time.  I started with silver and then moved on to gold.  I'd always wanted to design items using gold and diamonds, but I couldn't afford to purchase such materials at the time.  Following my grandmother's death, I was able to develop the brand I had been visualizing all along.

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I've always been a giver.  I titled my company "Sincerely Ginger" because I regard my creations as gifts created with love.  People express their style and identity through my jewelry.  Custom jewelry design allows me to get to know these wonderful folks on a more intimate level.  One of my favorite aspects of the creative process is the interpersonal connections we form.  It is an honor to bring to life the jewelry a person has been craving, jewelry that makes a statement about how exceptional the person truly is.