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My name is Ginger Herbein.  I'm the Founder and Creative Director of Sincerely Ginger Jewelry.  Ever since I was young I had a secret desire inside of me to own a business.  I never knew exactly what I wanted to do, or could do for that matter.  It took close to thirty years to figure out.


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Through a chain of events, I was able to step down as a teacher.  Being a teacher is what I'd wanted to do since I was little, but the ever-changing world of education left me very unhappy.  However, what remained inside of me was the desire to bring joy into the lives of others.  I've always been a giver.  This is one of the many reasons Christmas is my favorite holiday...because I love to see everyone's face light up when I give a gift.  As I reflected on changing my path in life, I found myself thinking about how I used to love going through my grandmother's jewelry box.  I remembered being in awe, often asking myself how someone could make such pieces, as I played dress up.  Something I'd totally forgot was that I pretended to own a business when I was little...and it happened to be a jewelry business!  I was given a mini jewelry kit where I would glue parts and pieces together.  My parents sure loved me when I made holes in the wall, hanging my jewelry up on the paper cards I created!


Upon reflecting on these wonders I had as a child, thus began my journey in discovering the entire process of creating a real piece of jewelry.  In doing so I discovered my passion.  To be honest, in some ways it makes me feel like a kid again.  I used to figure skate, and I always loved being able to do something unique that not many other people could do.  Not to mention, the feeling I got when I finished a perfect routine and saw everyone smiling.  It is kind of the same when I am able to sing in front of is less about me, but hearing the people afterward about how a song touched them in some way.  Creating a piece of jewelry is no different for me.  It is a joy to see the person on the other end go "wow" as they have a priceless look of gratitude.  That is what I love!


The name of my brand came to me quite easily, in fact years ago.  When I'd sign a card or give a gift I would always close with "Sincerely, Ginger".  Often I'd say to myself how it sounded like it would be the name of a company, in that my name is different to begin with.  Each piece of jewelry I make I see as a gift from myself to you or your loved one.  When I am commissioned for a custom piece, I am thrilled to get to know my client on a more personal level.  Words can't describe how it feels to see my client stand in amazement that their dream piece of jewelry has come to life!  It is a feeling unlike any other to know that the jewelry I make will have stories tied to them, and could very well be passed down through generations as heirlooms.


I am gracious that you have come to my website and have chosen to learn more about me.  May my creations bless both you and your loved ones.


Ginger Herbein



Dazzle yourself beautiful with a bold or minimalistic look that fits your personality and makes you feel alive.  Give the gift of jewelry to a friend or loved one to celebrate who they are.

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