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14K Ametrine Diamond Necklace in Rose Gold

$5,419.00 USD

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14K Stunning Ametrine Diamond Necklace


If you are a lover of purple this necklace is the perfect match for you!  This stunning ametrine diamond necklace is set with a checkerboard cut ametrine, a bi-color stone composed of amethyst and citrine.  This gemstone is the star of this magnificent statement piece.  It is set in rose gold and is surrounded by tiny bright diamonds.  It is made of eco-friendly 14-karat gold.



Yellow and purple bands are present in ametrine due to the combination of the stones amethyst and citrine forming together.   Every ametrine gemstone is one-of-a-kind because there are no two stones that contain the same color patterns.  Its distinctive coloring makes it simple to recognize. It stands out from other bi-colored stones because of its narrow color spectrum.  A mixture of yellow, purple, and peach tones is often present and cut together to offer a nice blend of colors in the finished gemstone. Skilled gemstone cutters love ametrine due to the play of color and how the patterns lend themselves to a beautifully carved one-of-a-kind stone.



Diamonds are by far the most popular gemstone in the world.  Their durability, brilliance, and fire have stood the test of time throughout generations.  The diamond is the birthstone for April and is also used as the official 60th-anniversary gemstone.  Diamonds are known for being the traditional engagement ring stone of choice, representing "forever".  Salt and pepper diamonds continue to trend as an alternative engagement ring option, as they are still diamonds but with a twist.  Rose cut diamonds fall into the same category too, giving an ethereal, vintage, and antique look.


  • Crafted with love in the Philadelphia area
  • Eco-friendly 14-karat rose gold
  • One-of-a-kind
  • Ametrine, total weight: 8.79 carats
  • Diamonds, total weight: .25 carats
  • 18-inch chain
  • Spring ring clasp