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Heirloom Jewelry Redesign Keeps Inherited Jewelry Alive

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Heirloom jewelry is a beautiful way to honor and embrace your family’s story. With every piece of inherited jewelry comes an abundance of love and history that has been passed on through generations. Its sentimental and emotional value is priceless. But after all of that passing down, your heirloom jewelry may be in dire need of a modern pick-me-up and heirloom redesign can do that for you.  


What is Heirloom Jewelry?


If you have a piece of jewelry that has been passed on to you from your mother whom received it from her mother, whom received it from her mother...you have a family heirloom!  Any inherited jewelry that has been passed on through generations within your family can be considered heirloom jewelry. Sometimes, they’re passed on from mother to daughter, grandmother to granddaughter, woman to woman, or have no strategy at all. There are times when a man in the family may pass a family memento to his first-born son, then the son passes it on to his first-born daughter. There is no rulebook or guidelines that have to be followed because it’s the symbol of love, accomplishment, history and family that matters the most. As long as the piece of jewelry remains within the family from generation to generation, it can be considered heirloom jewelry.


The Beauty Behind Heirloom Jewelry


Sincerely GInger Jewelry Inherited Jewelry


While there’s no denying that it’s simply really cool to own a piece of inherited jewelry that has been adorned by the women (or men) for many generations, the beauty goes much deeper. Heirloom jewelry is a beautiful way to honor your family, your bloodline and your history. It’s travelled across generations and perhaps even hundreds of years to get to you...and that is priceless!


With heirloom jewelry, you aren’t just getting a piece of inherited jewelry. You are getting a story – your story; a story about where you come from, what the women (or men) in your family have experienced and gone through over the years. It’s a symbol of strength, resilience, love, accomplishment, and family. And because of that, the beauty and value of heirloom jewelry goes far beyond what meets the eye. In fact, these pieces of jewelry are priceless. They cannot be replaced or replicated because inherited jewelry is far more about the story and symbolism than it is the aesthetics.


The Problem With Inherited Jewelry


After years of being passed on through generations and generations, inherited jewelry can really take a beating. This usually doesn’t stop the passing on of the item, but it no longer becomes wearable for fear of damaging the jewelry more or worse, having it break and losing it altogether. For these reasons alone, most inherited jewelry remains tucked away in a jewelry box somewhere for safekeeping so that it can continue to be passed on. The downside to this is that you never truly get to experience the beauty of having such an important piece of jewelry.


Another common concern is that the styles have significantly changed over the years. Depending on how long your heirloom jewelry has been passed on, you may have something you admire and love, but that you would never wear yourself because the style, metal, diamonds or even gemstones are dated. The good news is that there is a solution to these concerns and its heirloom redesign.


Heirloom Redesign Keeps Inherited Jewelry Alive


Sincerely Ginger Jewelry Heirloom Redesign

If you’ve been holding onto a piece of heirloom jewelry that is either broken or outdated, you can revitalize your family history with heirloom redesign. With this option, you can create custom jewelry with pieces of the inherited jewelry to keep the tradition going. It’s an excellent option for anyone who has their family mementos sitting in a storage box or jewelry box somewhere, as it brings the items back to life. 


You can even take a ring, for example, and recreate it into a necklace instead using the same stones as well as some additional gemstones if you wish.  With custom jewelry, you can add the sparkle and shine back into your heirloom jewelry. You can add extra gemstones to the pieces that are on the site, at that link, or make changes during the design process. Browse our collection of custom jewelry inspiration for more incredible ways you can enjoy heirloom redesign to keep your family traditions going for many generations to come.