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Trending Diamonds - Salt & Pepper and Rosecuts

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For the ladies who love fancy diamonds, salt and pepper diamonds and rosecut diamonds are luxurious options that are perfect for you. These trending diamonds are at the top of the list for engagement rings, custom jewelry, bracelets, earrings – you name it, and for all the right reasons. And if you guessed that we have the latest scoop on salt and pepper diamonds, you’re right! Here’s everything you need to know about these fancy diamonds and why they are a must within your personal collection.


What Are Salt and Pepper Diamonds?


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Salt and pepper diamonds is a term you may not have heard of before, but that’s about to change as they are one of the top trending diamonds today. These fancy diamonds have a mix of black and white inclusions, providing the stone with an elegant, silky and speckled grey look that is unlike anything you’re used to seeing in luxury jewelry. Each diamond is unique due to these inclusions, allowing you to achieve a truly personalized custom jewelry look.


The History of Salt and Pepper Diamonds

The history of these fancy stones is quite unique. The term ‘pepper’ is often used within the industry to describe black inclusions or “flaws” in a diamond, whereas the term ‘salt’ is used to describe white inclusions or “flaws”. But flaws they are not. These perfect imperfections provide a personalized, custom diamond look that has landed them at the top of the trending diamonds list.  


The Appearance of Salt and Pepper Diamonds

If there is one category of fancy diamonds that can’t be summed up in one sentence, salt and pepper diamonds is it. These unique stones have so much personality, making them perfect for custom made jewelry. They’re elegant and simplistic, yet wild, raw and authentic. The smoky gray hue brings a mysterious element to these fancy stones, while also keeping them sophisticated.


Shapes of Salt and Pepper Diamonds

Stunning salt and pepper diamonds come in a vast array of shapes and sizes. With a quick look at our collection of custom jewelry, you’ll see the many different looks these fancy diamonds create. However, most salt and pepper diamonds are rosecut diamonds.


What are Rosecut Diamonds?


trending diamonds, salt and pepper diamonds, rosecut diamonds


Rosecut diamonds are flat back, domed top stones with triangular faucets. The diamonds can have up to 24 faucets, creating the appearance of the petals unfolding on a rose bud. Rosecut diamonds are often described as timeless fancy diamonds, that of which have been adorned by women for hundreds of years. They date all the way back to 1500s and this diamond shape is particularly ideal for salt and pepper diamonds, as it allows for the brilliance and unique appearance of the stone to shine.


Combine the two and you have stunning, elegant, wild and mysterious rosecut salt and pepper diamonds that have a custom jewelry look. They’re stones that are admired for their perfect imperfections. These fancy diamonds offer a personalized feel that combines ancient history with a modern day appeal, making them perfect for custom engagement rings and much more.