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What Symbols Appeal to You?

What Symbols Appeal to You?


Symbolic jewelry has been quite popular these last couple years, and the popularity continues to grow. I picked a person in a sunflower field for this subject because someone had searched on my website for "sunflower" jewelry. Interestingly enough, I thought about sunflowers in the past in relation to this topic. Sunflowers represent happiness, adoration, loyalty, and longevity. Sunflowers take me back to my childhood, as they grew abundantly near the pool I used to go to.

The reason symbolic jewelry is so popular is because of the connection a person feels while wearing it. Maybe it is a symbol that relates to their childhood, or the representation of a hope it may provide for the future. At the moment, my pinwheel necklace is the only piece of symbolic jewelry I have available. I'm hoping that this will change. The issue is most jewelry that represents something has been done over and over again. The pinwheel was the only piece of jewelry I found that really hasn't been produced a lot, and none of the pieces I discovered looked the way I envisioned the necklace in the first place.

It isn't my intention to have a whole collection of charm or symbolic jewelry, but I would like to have a few designs that will allow the wearer to feel that the jewelry represents how they feel and what they are connected to. In relation to this idea, I've been thinking about my first jewelry collection back in the day...the paw print collection. The paw print is certainly a symbol that makes the statement "I love and care for animals". Nowadays paw print jewelry can be seen everywhere. I keep thinking, however, about how the paw print disc I made is not something you see. So, I've been wrestling in my mind if I should remake it as a smaller version with diamonds. Some folks might say, "Diamonds are so expensive"...believe it or not, once you get below 2mm diamonds actually cost less than any other gemstone of the same size due to their demand. If I would revamp this piece the gemstones would have to be smaller than 2mm (this was their size) because the overall disc wouldn't be large enough for them.

So, I'm asking you to tell me your thoughts on different symbols that I could use that aren't often seen in jewelry. You can simply comment on this post and I will receive it.

Thank you ahead of time for your help.

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