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The Stunning Sapphire Gemstone

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September marks a lot of changes...a new season, change of temperature, the leaves begin to change color, and of course there is a new birthstone for the month.  Sapphire is the birthstone for September and it is one of my favorite gemstones.  Before I began designing jewelry, I used to think only of the color blue when I heard of Sapphires.  The reality is Sapphires come in a variety of colors.


If you look at some of the pieces I have created, white Sapphire is a stone I have used as an alternative to a Diamond on occasions.  The intricacy of the piece, as well as the amount of time involved in the creation process, tends to be two of the main factors in determining if I choose a Sapphire or Diamond.  Other colors Sapphire comes in are grey, black, orange, violet, green, yellow, and pink.  Using the word "Sapphire", unless otherwise specified, traditionally has been designated to the color blue.  A "Fancy Sapphire" refers to a color other than blue, if the color is not specified in the name.  Sapphires are also unique in that some cabachons (gemstones with a flat back and rounded top) exhibit asterism.  This is what a person sees when looking at a Star Sapphire.  This is when inclusions are aligned at two or more axis points, resulting in a unique reflection of light in the form of a star.  Very few gemstones have the ability to exhibit this feature, and to find one that is natural is quite rare.


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Sapphire is the second hardest mineral on earth, which makes it a very durable gemstone.  It is a form of high-quality corundum, an aluminum oxide mineral.  Many people do not realize this, but Ruby is actually a has just been assigned the name of "Ruby" to correspond with a Sapphire that is red.  Sapphire is known to be a stone of wisdom, royalty, prophecy, and Divine favor.  It is a gemstone that has been mentioned in almost every religion.  It is believed to be a stone that helps calm and focus the mind, relieving tension.  Also known as a stone to represent integrity, blue Sapphire was often worn and carried in the past when treaties were signed.  It also happens to be a symbol of love and commitment, which explains why it is becoming more and more popular in engagement rings and wedding bands.
I hope you found this informative.  What do you love about Sapphires?  In the future I would like to design pieces that encompass the rainbow of colors they come in.  What meaning do you like the most?  For me it is undeniably the symbol of love and commitment!


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