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Spotlight on Sincerely Ginger Jewelry

Spotlight on Sincerely Ginger Jewelry Custom Jewelry and Designs


The following post was written by John Ryan, owner of J&J Studios:


When it comes to one-of-a-kind jewelry and custom gem sets, Sincerely Ginger Jewelry is the go-to vendor.  We came across Ginger’s Instagram page about a year ago after searching for Philadelphia-based jewelers for a styled wedding photoshoot. Ginger has been featured on BCTV's Small Business Spotlight and Berks Weekly.   Our team was impressed with her pieces. While her bridal jewelry is what initially caught our attention, upon exploring her website we found that she had so many stunning and unique pieces. 


Sincerely Ginger Jewelry Pinwheel Necklace


We had the opportunity to work with Ginger last year in a styled engagement and wedding shoot that with did with Hollie Roberts. It was only fitting for us to collaborate yet again on this project. We wanted to do a spread that showcased Ginger’s beautiful jewelry. Here at J&J Studios, we produce visuals for engagements and weddings, so we thought it was only right that we shine a light on this Philly business that also caters to the bridal industry. 


Sincerely Ginger Jewelry Ginger Herbein
Ginger Herbein, owner of Sincerely Ginger Jewelry


We had so much fun during this session. This photoshoot was solely focused on showcasing Ginger’s beautiful pieces. Also, the goal was to produce photographs that would fascinate others and maintain the luxury of each individual piece. 


Sincerely Ginger Jewelry Styled Shoot


We had Hollie, our model, wear some of Ginger’s top-selling pieces during this photoshoot. Ginger assembled all of her accessories on Hollie. Hollie started the session wearing a basic black off the shoulder top, which put Ginger’s gem-set necklace on the front display. Hollie was the perfect model for this shoot, and her elegant style accentuated the classic jewelry. 


Sincerely Ginger Jewelry Styled Shoot


Hollie opted for a white button-up shirt during the following frames, which placed emphasis on the gem-set ring and golden bracelet. Ginger assembled a collection of her favorite pieces, all of which featured a plethora of vibrant gem colors. 


Sincerely Ginger Jewelry Styled Photoshoot


Ginger is a self-made jeweler, which means that she has specially hand-crafted each and every item on her website. Ginger prides herself on crafting her jewelry from recycled 14K gold, ethically sourced gemstones, and conflict-free diamonds. If you’re searching for a classic statement or custom-made piece for your bridal party, consider taking a look around Sincerely Ginger Jewelry


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