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Rose Gold is the New Gold

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Whoever said diamonds are a girl’s best friend forgot about rose gold jewelry. While there’s no denying that everyone loves diamonds, the metal in which those diamonds appear with is just as important. What may surprise you is that yellow gold isn’t the top trending jewelry metal anymore. Instead, rose gold is the new gold.


What is Rose Gold Jewelry?


Just as the name suggests, rose gold jewelry is gold jewelry that has more of a pink hue to it. The beautiful pink tone is created when a custom jeweler blends together yellow gold, copper and silver. The richness of the pink depends on the ratio of yellow gold and copper used. For example, the higher the copper content, the more pink the gold appears. As such, rose gold jewelry comes in a vast array of romantic, feminine tones – from a light pink tint to a deep, rich rose hue.

Benefits of Rose Gold Jewelry


Sincerely Ginger Jewelry Diamond Bypass Ring


Rose gold jewelry is the new gold. There’s no doubt about it. The pink hue offers a feminine, unique touch that offers a bit more personality than the traditional gold or silver options. But it isn’t just the appearance that makes rose gold jewelry one of the top trending jewelry metals, as there are many additional benefits that come with it.


Rose Gold Jewelry is Romantic


The pink hue in rose gold jewelry makes it perfect for those romantic celebrations. Because of this, it is often used to create custom made jewelry for things such as engagement rings and anniversary presents or to give that special someone a gift.


Pink Rose Gold Jewelry is Feminine


There is nothing wrong with gold jewelry or silver jewelry. However, these standard options aren’t for everyone. Rose gold jewelry brings something new to the table. It has an appearance that is dainty and girly, yet elegant and timeless. And since most women love pink, you just can’t go wrong with this type of jewelry.


Rose Gold is Durable


Gold is a durable, luxurious metal that comes with many benefits. It doesn’t rust, hardly tarnishes or corrodes.  This makes it a popular option for those investment pieces, such as engagement rings or wedding bands. It’s also significantly more affordable than platinum and since rose gold is a blend of yellow gold and silver, you receive all of these benefits too.


Sincerely Ginger Jewelry Icy Diamond Octagon Earrings


Speaking of durability, rose gold is said to be even more durable than yellow gold, which is extremely durable to begin with.  This is due to the copper content of the metal.  Although it is not as durable as platinum, rose gold serves as the perfect middleman (or middlewoman) between the two.


Perfect for All Skin Tones


One of the many reasons rose gold jewelry is at the top of the trending jewelry list is because it complements all skin tones. It has the perfect combination of all undertones, which allows it to pair flawlessly with every skin complexion out there.


It’s a Safe Bet for Gifts


Since rose gold works so well with all skin tones, rose gold jewelry is a safe bet when purchasing jewelry for someone else. You don’t have to worry about whether or not the tone will suit the person you’re buying for because rose gold complements everyone.


Adorn yourself or someone special with rose gold jewelry. It’s versatile and flattering on all types of people; romantic, modern, and durable. However, not all rose gold jewelry is created equally so it’s imperative that you purchase your rose gold jewelry from a reliable jeweler. At Sincerely Ginger Jewelry, I offer a vast array of trending jewelry, including the ever-so-popular rose gold. Browse the selection of luxurious, rose gold jewelry or create some custom jewelry of your own.


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