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Peridot, The "Evening Emerald"

Sincerely Ginger Jewelry Peridot Gemstone


When I began going to artisan shows many people were surprised that I had pieces with the peridot gemstone.  Apparently, based on what was communicated, this isn't a stone that tends to get used in a lot of jewelry nowadays.  Peridot is the birthstone of August as well as the gemstone for the 16th wedding anniversary.

The green color of peridot goes well will different colored metals.  This green color is available in many tones and shades.  The hues can appear as olive, light lime, green grass, and army green.  Compared to impurities providing the colors of most gemstones, peridot acquires its green color from the chemical composition of the stone.  It is the only gemstone, besides the diamond, that is brought to the surface due to volcanic activity.

Peridot has been celebrated for thousands of years.  It is known as the "evening emerald".  The popularity of peridot is most prevalent in Egypt.  Cleopatra and the Crusaders revered the gem and it was used in numerous types of decorations.  It is mentioned in the Bible as well and has adorned various churches around the world.  Peridot is a durable gemstone, and unlike many other gems, it does not require the use of treatments to enhance its vibrancy.  It is used in both men's and women's jewelry alike due to its lively color and affordability.


 Pieces with Peridot:


Image of 14K Bright Cushion Peridot Necklace
14K Bright Cushion Peridot Necklace
Image of 14K Peridot and Citrine Dangle Necklace
14K Peridot and Citrine Dangle Necklace
Image of 14K Peridot and Citrine Pear Drop Earrings
14K Peridot and Citrine Pear Drop Earrings