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New Year, New Adventures

Sincerely Ginger Jewelry New Year New Adventures


Happy New Year!


I don't know about you, but I'm glad 2020 is officially over!  I decided to delay my first post of the year a bit.  Next week I will upload a post with a focus on heirloom jewelry.


Until then, I wanted to bring you up-to-date on some exciting adventures that have happened over the holidays as well as what is to come.  I had posted in November a video of a styled engagement and wedding photoshoot I took part in.  In December I was sent the behind the scenes video by the photographer, which I added below for you to see.  Underneath you will find two other videos, a commercial the jewelry was in for NE Flower Boutique and their corresponding highlight video.


I said that "new adventures" will be taking place this year.  The two photoshoots paved the way for other photographers to hear about the brand.  Thus, a photoshoot in February and April have been booked.  In April Sincerely Ginger Jewelry will be worn in the Mrs. Pennsylvania International Pageant as well, held in Altoona.


Last year was supposed to be the first year to attend shows, however that did not happen due to Covid.  As of this moment the first two shows, one in March and April, are still scheduled to take place...fingers are crossed.


I hope you enjoy looking at the videos below.

Stay safe and take care,