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The NAACP Raffle Winner Has Been Announced

Sincerely Ginger Jewelry Oval Opal Necklace in 14-Karat Gold


A number of us jewelry designers joined together last month to be a part of jewelry for change/jewelers for change.  Each one of us raised money via a raffle to benefit an organization.  I chose the NAACP as the organization being donated to.  This was in light of the civil unrest taking place and the fact that everyone should be treated equally and fairly, regardless of skin color. Last week the winner for the oval opal necklace was announced.  We raised $875.  I take it this will be something that will occur each year in June, as we try to raise our voices.  If you have any jewelry ideas for next year, please let me know.  The video is below of when I announced the winner.


Sincerely Ginger Jewelry NAACP Raffle Announcement


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