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I'm So Excited! Sincerely Ginger Jewelry is Now Online!

I'm So Excited!  Sincerely Ginger Jewelry is Now Online!


The time has finally arrived...my revamped brand is now online!  As some of you may know, this has been in the works for awhile.  However, once I began designing new pieces something new always seemed to pop up, but all positive.  


First, there are a group of high-end craft shows I'm hoping to attend next year.  I found out about these, and started walking them, towards the end of last year.  They aren't too far away from my location, most in upstate New Jersey or just over the New York border.  Having people see my pieces in person, at an actual show, is very important.  I thought the application would be coming out in the fall, but it turns out it was in May.  Once I found out about the application release my attention was turned in that direction.  While the website was being worked on, it was more or less put on the back burner.


Next, about a week prior to submitting the application I found myself having an interview with a lady from Philadelphia Magazine.  It has always been a goal of mine to end up with a placement in their holiday gift guide.  I walked out of the interview with four placements!  I will be in the holiday gift guide and in the Guide to Living in Be Well Philly Magazine.  Be Well Philly comes out once a year, but remains on newsstands for the entire year...the picture for this blog post is the same one that will be used in that guide!  Besides the two placements I just mentioned, I will have a basic ad placement in the August issue of Philadelphia (this is the popular "Best of Philly" edition) and it will additionally be placed in Be Well Philly.


The offer I've placed on this website is something else I'd been working on.  Although what I've written isn't terribly long, it took quite some time to figure out what to say and how to communicate it properly.  During my time away from jewelry design, and changing my metal of choice from silver to gold, I contemplated a lot on what people think of jewelry...the comments I heard, what I'd seen.  Most people don't understand jewelry prices, in particular why there are so many.  Therefore the offer I created is educational, something to help a person regardless if they purchase my jewelry or not.  It is called The Devaluing of Jewelry and the "Walmart Mentality".  It is a two-part series. 


If you haven't picked up The Devaluing of Jewelry and the "Walmart Mentality" you can do so here.  I hope you find it educational.




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